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Do You Have A WARN Act Case?

If you are seeking legal advice on a possible

WARN Act violation

, it is important that you do so as soon as quickly as possible. Employment and payroll records are often lost or destroyed after a mass layoff, plant closing, or facility shut down. There are also very strict rules regarding the amount of time that you have to assert claims in certain jurisdictions. This is especially true in Bankruptcy cases. The earlier an experienced attorney is involved in a case, the better the chance will be that those records, and your rights to assert a claim, have been preserved.

The best way to determine if you have a


claim is to contact an experienced WARN Act lawyer. Our firms have litigated in over 40 states, and have successfully pursued WARN Act claims in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts. We will use our knowledge and experience with WARN Act cases to assert your claim in the appropriate venue. All WARN Act cases are handled on a contingency basis. There is no cost to you unless we recover money on your behalf. Contact us for a FREE, Confidential Consultation.

There are certain elements that must be present before the protections of the WARN Act are triggered. Even with these elements, there are also exceptions that may reduce or remove an employer′s liability during a mass layoff. Often, employers and their lawyers will use the complexities of the WARN Act to their advantage in discouraging laid off workers from pursuing WARN Act claims. An experienced WARN Act attorney can help you determine if an actual WARN violation may have occurred. Here are some of the questions that a WARN Act lawyer will ask in order to determine if a WARN Act violation may have taken place:

    Did you receive written notification from your employer regarding a plant closing or mass layoff?
    Was this notice delivered 60 days in advance of your employment loss?
    Did you receive a reduced notice with an explanation as to why it was for less than 60 days?
    Were you asked to come back to work to shut down the plant, or wind down operations?
    What related companies may be liable for a WARN Act violation?
    How many workers lost their employment at your location?
    How many total people did the company employ?
    Were you a seasonal or part-time employee?
    How long were you employed by the company?
    Did the company file for bankruptcy?
    Did you receive a waiver agreement?
    Did you receive severance pay?

You don't need to know the answers to all of these questions before contacting us. Consultations are confidential and FREE. You will be under no obligation to retain our services, and all

WARN Act cases

are handled on a contingency basis, so if you do decide to retain us, there is no cost to you unless we recover money on your behalf. Contact our experienced WARN Act Lawyers for a FREE consultation and we will give you a fair assessment of your potential case.